Escape Anchorage is OPEN with appropriate safety measures from “Anchorage Opens” Risk Assessment


 Please call for details.


our rooms

The Sanatorium

Welcome to Smith's Grove, a sanatorium for the criminally insane. Your tour will begin shortly, Wait too long for the tour guide and you may end up a permanent resident!

The Sheriff's Office

One of your crew has been nabbed, good thing he has your roughnecks to break him out. Problem is, someone is robbing the saloon next door and has wired the entire building to explode and the sheriff has split leaving your compatriot alone. Can you and your crew crack the cell before the bomb goes off?

Saloon No 10

The saloon is loaded with cash and valuables but someone has rigged the place to explode. Get as much loot as you can take with you and get out before the bomb detonates! 

The MadHouse

Anchorage's first and only Mobile Escape Room

**Closed for season**

Call for Details

escape anchorage

Escape Room

20828 Bill Stephens Drive

Chugiak, AK 99567

Tel: 907-854-9482

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