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all Bookings are PRIVATE always

907 854-9482

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>Less than 4 players

>Booking multiple rooms

>Last minute bookings

>Mobile Event (MaDhOuSe)

our rooms

The Sanitorium Escape Room Wasilla

The Sanatorium

Welcome to Smith's Grove, a sanatorium for the criminally insane. Your tour will begin shortly, Wait too long for the tour guide and you may end up a permanent resident! 

* Well lit / Not scary

* Escape mission

* Appropriate teens and above (players as young as 8 for this room only, be advised: younger players often lack the attention span and/or comprehension required. Adjustments are possible in this fine tuned room)

* 15-17 locks depending on player count and experience

The Saloon Escape Room Wasilla

Deadwood Saloon

The Saloon is loaded with cash and valuables but someone has rigged the place to explode. Get all the loot and defuse the dynamite before it blows! 

* Well lit / Not scary

* Heist mission

* Appropriate teens and above (no younger players allowed without prior approval from previous game observations)

* 19 locks, layered puzzled, attentions to detail vital

Jail Break Escape Room Anchorage

Jail Break

Currently 70 min game $40 a player

2 of your compadres have been caught by the sheriff, He has relieved you of your ill gotten gains and explosives, handcuffed you and thrown you jail. Work together with the rest of your gang to get un-cuffed and out of the jail with hopefully enough time to also retrieve your loot and set the C4 to blow!


Call (907) 854-9482 to book this room outside of online availability. The extreme difficulty of this room requires previous Escape Anchorage game experience for a fun and extremely challenging experience. 

* Well lit / Not scary

* Escape/Heist mission

* Appropriate for adults only or pre-approved teens 

=21 locks, complex puzzles, attention to detail, active listening and communication skill as team required. 

Advisory: Handling of prop/non firing weapons involved

The MadHouse Fun House Escape Room Anchorage

The MadHouse

Anchorage's first and only Mobile Escape Room

**Event rental only**

or on-site location limited days/times

Call for Details

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